October 7, 2016

8 reasons to insulate that garage door of yours

Garage doors are often forgotten pieces of a home, and they are without insulation in many cases. This is actually a disservice for such a large space that could be utilized better year round. Not only is this is a primary point of entry into your home, it is also a place where work and entertainment can take place should it be so desired. Given the fluctuations in outside temperature, however, a door needs to be properly insulated in order to create a quiet and comfortable environment. Many people wonder why this is necessary. Garages, after all, are just a place to store things – right? Well, this does not have to be the case. Consider the following 8 reasons to insulate your garage door and get a better use out of that space.

Winter scene

A great place to work

Many household maintenance projects can be completed in the garage. Many people enjoy having a workshop in their garage, and for good reason. Woodworking tools can be messy and noisy. They are not really conducive to an indoor living environment. However, working outside can get quite hot or cold, depending on the season, making it most uncomfortable. Weatherproofing your garage door will help keep the elements away and keep you warm and toasty in the wintertime – just the way you like it! An added benefit is that it will help keep the noise down, which will increase your favor with the neighbors.

Do some art

A garage can make a great art studio. You will have room to move around, canvases will have ample space to dry and breathe, and others in the house will not be susceptible to paint fumes or what have you. You can also make this in a great area that is comfortable for other members of the family to come and enjoy what you are doing. Of course, an insulated garage door is needed to keep the cold or heat out and let you do what you do best.

Storage area

One of the most popular uses for a garage is to store items that are not currently needed. This is certainly understandable, as the space is large and not always in use. The problem is that many of those items you store in the garage need more climate control that a garage with a door that is lacking insulation can provide. At the same time, keep the area organized and check it regularly. If you don’t, you will end up turning the space into a warehouse where finding an item that you need becomes next to impossible.

Pet sanctuary

There are times when your friendly pets need a place to get out of the elements as well. This could be during those winter months when it is freezing cold or snowing outside. While Fido might not be trained to hang out with you and the family inside the house, you can create a small area in the garage where they can feel free to roam around without experience the discomfort that adverse weather conditions can create.

Children’s playhouse

When blizzard like conditions seem to be commonplace during the winter, the kids can begin to experience a bit of cabin fever. The garage provides a new place of refuge for children and adults alike. There are many games that can be enjoyed, forts to be built, and the best part is that the inside of the house will escape it all!

Don’t forget the automobiles

Naturally, the garage is a great place to keep your cars out of the blazing sun in the summer, or the frigid cold that accompanies the winter. Many people keep their garage free and clear so that the car or truck can have a place to rest at night. If you take the time now to insulate your garage door, you will thank yourself later when you step into a nice and warm car on those cold winter mornings!

Games and movie night

If you are struggling to find space inside your house to entertain friends and family on Friday nights, consider the garage. It is just there waiting to be turned into a home theater area, or even a game room. Naturally, insulation is needed in order to keep the area comfortable and ready for use. Once you do that, the sky is really the limit for those evening gatherings. Think of the memories that can be made in your new space, all courtesy of a garage with an insulated door!

Finish those renovation projects

Many homeowners wait until the winter to complete some needed work in the house. This is understandable because it just too cold to do much outside. Many of those projects required tools that make a lot of noise. Consider taking the work into the garage. You will have ample space to build some cabinets, stain them, and get them reinstalled in comfort.

Consider the many uses

You might have your own ideas in mind for the use of your garage. Whatever that might be, we would love to hear about them. It is always interesting to hear the unique and creative ways that homeowners in the region are using their space, as the garage is truly a useful area of the house that is under utilized by so many.

If you are ready to change your garage door, or look to insulate it, then feel free to contact us at 519-741-0930. It would be our pleasure to help give you seem advice and lead you to making a decision about the best door for your home and situation.

We also have a showroom with all of our doors on display. This is a great place to look for that special inspiration to motivate you to action. You can also request a quotation online and the move towards your new door that way. Our Design Centre is open during business hours to help you choose that great garage door you have long desired. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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