November 18, 2016

Keep the garage safe for your pets

Many people like the idea of keeping their dogs and cats out of the main part of the house when they aren’t home. Maybe they don’t want the animals to cause a mess throughout the house. This is especially true of the pet with separation anxiety while you are away, and they would otherwise destroy furniture or cause other problems. One of the options that many people take is to keep the animals in the garage. While it is possible to keep the pets in the garage, you need to take some steps to make sure the space is safe and comfortable for your pets first.


While crating might be suitable for some, it’s not a method everyone wants to use. In this article, we’ll be covering some ways that you can make your entire garage a place for your furry friends to hang out and be safe while you are away.

For starters

Consider some of the benefits of putting your dog in the garage while you are away. Your dog will have much more space, and even if you have a crate for the dog, you can place it in the garage so they have a “den” that they can retreat into when they wish. This provides them with a place where they can feel safe and rest when they aren’t playing in the rest of the garage.

Those who typically put their dog or cat outside when they leave will find it’s safer to keep them in the garage so they don’t get too cold or too hot. Being in the garage when it is frigid outside is far preferable for your pet. The same is true when it is extremely hot outside. A high quality garage door, such as a well‑insulated (R‑16) garage door, will do more than just keep out the heat and cold though. It can also provide an acoustical barrier so the sound of your dog barking isn’t quite as loud. This is certainly something you neighbors will appreciate.

Will it work for your pet?

You also need to make sure your pet is ready to stay in the garage while you are away. It’s a good idea to start slowly. Put the animal in the garage alone for ten to fifteen minutes at time, just to see how they do. Give them a treat when you return. Don’t confine them by leashing them in the garage though, as this could stress them out. Instead, let them roam. Don’t worry, before you let the animals loose in the garage, you will make sure it is safe for them, as you will see below.

If you are putting a cat in the garage, make sure they have a cat box. If you have a puppy, make sure you have pads down or newspapers. Adult dogs shouldn’t have a problem, as they will be on a schedule, and won’t usually urinate or defecate in the garage, as long as they aren’t left their too long.

Controlling the temperature

If you don’t have air and heating running into the garage, you can still do a few things to control the temperature. Having the right garage door, as mentioned, is one of them. Another is to insulate the garage properly, as this can keep in the heat in the winter and it can help to keep the garage cool in the summer. You should aim to keep the temperature around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or a bit higher during the winter. In the summer, you could leave a window open a crack if you have one, as it will provide some ventilation. Check the humidity as well. It should be below 50%. If it’s too high, you could always put a dehumidifier in the garage.


It is important that you keep your pet’s feeding schedule the same. Make sure they have water as well. Of course, this means you need to be sure to keep up with their bathroom schedule as well, or else you will come home to accidents in the garage.

Make it comfortable

You want to make the space enjoyable for your dog or cat. This means you should put in a soft bed for them where they can rest, as well as have their favorite toys available for them. Your pet should never see being in the garage as a punishment. If you feel they will miss you, put one of your old shirts in the garage so they will have your scent. You might also want to leave a radio on low so they have some additional sound that can make it feel more like normal.

Make it safe

This is one of the most important elements of putting your animals in the garage, you need to remove all the hazards from the garage that could injure them and cause problems. Remove anything that could poison the animal or that could get lodged in their throat if they decided to chew on it. Store away the small objects and remove cords, ropes, and similar items that the dog could be tangled up in. If you have large items in the garage, such as a tractor, ATV, or motorcycle, cover them up so anxious dogs don’t decide to use the seats as chew toys.

The right garage door

Your garage door is a big part of the insulation for your space. If the garage door isn’t well-‑insulated, contact us at 519-741-0930. We can provide you information on the doors we offer and help you to make the right choice. You can also ask us for an online quotation. Finally, if you are going to be replacing your door soon, check out the Design Centre we offer and view our image gallery.


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