Lengthen the life of your garage door using lubrication

You want your garage door to last a long time, naturally. If you’ve been hearing some sounds lately that have caused some concern when you are opening and closing the garage door, such as a terrible squeaking and rattling sound, the solution to the problem might be easier than you realize. In many cases, you can clear up this problem and get rid of those terrible sounds simply by lubricating the major components on the door.

Garage door springs maintenance

Regular lubrication can help to increase the life of your garage door and reduce the potential for a catastrophic failure. You don’t want to have to deal with an emergency if you can help it. With some simple care for the door, you can prevent these issues and make sure it is operating properly at all times. However, that’s not all you need to do.

In addition, you should inspect the door to make sure that there are no broken parts, or parts that are about to break. Those who have garage door openers should pull on the emergency release cord. This will allow the door to be operated manually. Test it to see how easy it is when you lift it. It should be very easy and it should only weigh between eight and 10 pounds. In fact, you should be able to lift it with just one hand easily. If you can’t, it means that there is a more serious problem at play. You can contact us for help.

If everything seems to be operating fine, lubrication should be enough. The following are all of the parts you will want to lubricate on the garage door system.

Spring system

Regardless of the type of system you have, extension or torsion, you need to add quality lubricant to all of the metal parts. You can use any high quality lubricant for metal, including motor oil. Just put it into an applicator that will make it easy to apply to the door’s parts.

You will apply the oil to the top part of the spring. Then, wait for a couple of seconds before you use a cloth to spread it around to the other parts of the spring. Make sure that you wipe off any of the excess, as you do not want it to drip onto your garage floor or on your vehicle, as it could cause damage. When you have oiled properly, you will find that the springs will no longer make those unpleasant sounds when you open and close the garage door.


You also need to make sure you lubricate the rollers. If you have steel rollers that do not have any coverings, you will want to add some oil at the site of the ball bearings. If you have black nylon rollers without ball bearings, you need to place some oil between each of the rollers and the shaft that holds it. However, if you have steel rollers covered with white nylon, then you do not need to add any oil, since the ball bearings are sealed.


For the hinges, you will only need to place a small amount of lubricant, even though you might feel this is the source of your noise. A little lubricant will go a long way. Place the oil at the spot where they open and close. Do this for the bracket at the bottom of the door as well as at the top. Wherever there is metal on metal contact, place a little oil.


Put some oil on the horizontal track as well. The rollers will help to keep it lubricated. Again, you do not need to put much oil on them.


Some of the other areas where you can lubricate include the anchor plate, as well as the shaft that contains the torsion spring location.

The opener

There are different types of garage door opener. There are door openers that have a chain drive and those that have a belt drive. With the belt drives, you do not need to add oil. The installer will place white grease on the drive sprockets when they install the door, and this is actually enough lubrication to last for as long as you have the door.

With a chain drive opener, there are two different types. There is the complete chain, and the chain and steel cable types. White grease will work best for both of these as well. If you don’t have any, you can contact us, as we have some available.

When you go through the parts of the garage door, you should also look for anything that is loose and that needs tightening. As a garage door works, it is possible for some elements to become loose, and this could cause rattling.

A final tip

You should make sure that you lubricate your garage door regularly. You want to do this at least two times each year. Ideally, you will do it in the spring, and then again in the late fall. When you lube the door properly and regularly, you will run into far fewer problems.

No matter your needs, whether you need a new garage door, a repair, or maintenance, you can count on us. Make an online request for a service call or get a free quote at 519-741-0930.

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